Why folks choose startups over corporate jobs ?

Why folks choose startups over corporate jobs ?
March 25, 2017 Akansha Lanjewar

Why folks choose startups over corporate jobs?


“I should quit my job”, how many times you get this feeling in a day during your office hours. It sounds fearsome but it is less scared than spending your life in the mind-numbing workplace where you feel retch out of freedom & creativity.

startup over corporate job

Sometimes the corporate job is sucking your life and you need to shift to more intense but employee friendly startup culture. If you like what you read, here is about the startups over corporate jobs which you would love to check out.


                     Your role is crucial while building startup


If you want to build a successful startup so importantly there should be the spirit of “never give up”. For building a successful & powerful startup there should be a foundation of good folks with the innovative ideas, right skills and most important is a creative mind. Often startups built on fewer people and a limited amount of resources. Your work has a great impact on the team so you have to cooperate with a team with a good level, then only you can attain your dream for a successful startup.


Leadership, answerability, influence: In a beginning of building a startup, one has to come across with many troubles, ups and downs and there will be a lot of responsibility. Undoubtedly, you have to make a huge impact in beginning. If you do it amazingly then you, your team as well as customers all will get benefits from it.

But, this is not same in the corporative jobs. Although you are working hard for your office or company but if you commit a single mistake either whole company pays for it or you will get insulted by your boss. Senior people in the company or in office they are not very much cooperative and they don’t have patience too. But in startups team leaders and members prefer intensity and speed of consciousness. It’s likely that your fault will not actually get you in trouble as long as you are trying to do the right things.


   If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs


At a company or in any corporative sector you need to wait for year and year to became a leader or to attain a very good position, but sometimes even it doesn’t happen because there are a number of employees. But not at startup, if you are with the unique idea and with a great team then there is nothing who can stop you for growing and moving up you career far faster.

If we take an example of mark Zuckerberg, he would have never been given a CEO role at a big company, he started working for after college. The only way he could find himself at the top of an organization is by starting it, or in the general case by joining a super small team.


“If you are thinking about startup then, your career will be accelerated in a major way by joining startup”.


At a startup, you will get what you are seeking in your job at a private company or in other corporative sectors but you are not getting it. Of course, while thinking of startups and for running it you come across with many questions in your mind and it is hard to describe what that feeling is like, but once you made your mind then it seems to enjoy and you will start loving it. Undoubtedly, you need to write blogs, right quotes and much more than that. But always keep this in your mind you are starting from nothing and you have to go with the same excitement as it was while planning for startup.

Your “never give up” formula will bring you to success.



Author: Akansha Lanjewar

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